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Hello Moth creates abstract synth-pop by night, ambient explorations by day. Their live show has taken them across Canada, into the USA, and overseas to 6 European countries. Their touring has included music festivals such as The Great Escape, Rifflandia, and Sled Island.

“Hello Moth is the weirdest, most underrated, most original and unashamedly true-to-self performer on the Rifflandia lineup, hands down.” –Exclaim!

– Hello Moth released ‘birds on wires’ in 2022, a mostly instrumental micro album of mid-fi beats and ambiences. Music blog IDIE:YOUDIE praised it as “characteristic of what makes Hello Moth so unassuming yet intriguing, both dead simple and entirely left field.”

– Hello Moth’s third full-length release, ‘When the Sky Melted,’ was heard across Canada on college and community radio, appearing on 30 charts over 16 weeks from July 2020 to January 2021.

CBC reviewed sophomore album ‘Slave in a Stone’ as “the kind of innovative music-making that keeps the future of Canadian music looking bright.”

– Debut album ‘Infinitely Repeated’ was nominated Best Electronic Album at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards and called a “local cult classic” by Sled Island Festival.

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