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Clouds in Cloudless Skies

He likes to put his food in the microwave for hours at a time
And when it comes out it glows with a kind of iridescent shine
And he claims that when he eats it he gains wisdom of a kind
As if the radiation it’s been infused with does something strange to his mind

And I think it’s the microwaved food that did things to the dude that science just can’t prove
Like, removed his soul and left some kind of hole where something should have been but nothing —
There was nothingness present there in his eyes
The existence of a vacancy, like clouds in cloudless skies

Clouds in cloudless skies…

And when I asked him for his story he told me of a glorious day
When as much in doubt of getting out he prayed to fade away and he said to himself
“The molten sun is where my ending should begin”
And a superheated chrysalis engulfed him from within

His voiceless voice rang out across an empty placeless place
And his faceless face was obfuscated by a see-through outer space
And he said, “Don’t take that hot ambrosia out until you hear the chime
’cause if you leave one second on that clock my dear, you’ll just be wasting time.”

Clouds in cloudless skies…

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