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Holy Chapter

It’d be better if I just forgot you but you got me so it’s hard
And nothing remembered is untrue you were young too in the start
And believing is trying to pick up the pieces you think would have carried you far
And needing is bleeding yourself in a river that washes your blood to an ancient star, star, star

I never imagined the first time I loved you I’d lose you to love you again
It’s a terrible trickery played by a tired mind that I never could love you a second time
And my confidence seeps from broken heaps of reminders of what has been lost
A delicate lesson I never did learn is ensuring an action is worth the cost, cost, cost

Oh you saw it coming through
There was a time when I was waiting for you
Oh you heard the crash of the rain
There was a time when I would have held you again

The terrible damage, the painter’s brush and the tears that broke your eyes
Like a holy chapter of disaster tell of blessings in disguise
I could curse you by wishing you well and by saying I hope all your dreams come true
But the ruins of words are rarely heard and most of my dreams are nightmares too, too, too

Oh we feel it falling through
There was a time when I would have waited for you
We can hear the rain when it pours
Through a time when there were still open doors